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How many times have you heard someone say or have you yourself said, “If we could just get everyone to the table, we could solve this problem”? For the past five years, Marnita’s Table has taken that question seriously. We’ve now brought together thousands of people for hundreds of focused conversations around a host of issues that matter to our everyday lives.

Always at a table.
Always intentionally. Always over fabulous food. Always with those hard to reach stakeholders across age, ethnicity, gender, knowledge base, expertise-however you might define culture. Always with measurable outcomes. 


Through practice we’ve become experts at bringing together policy makers, business and civic leaders with those who are impacted by the policies being made. We bring people together today, because what we do now will impact tomorrow.


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What conversation do you need to start?

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We hope you made it to our annual fund-raiser, FOOD SHELTER  CLOTHING on 11/5/11. Now get ready for SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ART on 11/3/12. Email us for information about sponsoring or serving as a Table Host.

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