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5/12/11 Dialogue on Diversity.

3/2/11 I Serve. Dialogue on volunteerism at the Table.

2/17/11 Together We Succeed: a Conversation on Academic Achievement in St. Cloud. 95 community members came together in the home of St. Cloud Schools superintendant Bruce Watkins to discuss ways to get the whole community involved in ensuring academic achievement for St. Cloud students.

10/15/10 RACE | MONEY | POWER: Start the Conversation.... The Table's big annual fund-raiser drew 225 cross-cultural friends, young and not-so-young, came together for an exciting and delicious Feast and Dialogue.

9/23/10 Hospitality Guide Training and Celebration

9/20/10 Back to School Kick-back, hosted by the Marnita's Table Youth Advisory Board, gave young people a chance to discuss their goals for the year and make new friends.

6/18/10 I Have a Dream Graduation Party, where area teens and adults come together to talk about making dreams come true.

6/5/10 Southwest High School Education Table

4/20/10 EarthSeder 2010

An annual inter-faith Seder in which we examine our relationship with and obligation to the environment.

3/20/10  Marnita's Big Birthday Bash
(continuation of the Young Women's Initiative)
March 20, 2010

There’s Always Room on the Dance Floor

C0-Presented with the Minnesota Department of Health STD/HIV Section and the North Community YMCA

3/18/10  Money, Money, Money
Thursday, March 18
Dialogue on what we value and our personal relationship to money


2/11/10  Learn This! Making Minneapolis a Mecca for New Educational Options for the Kids Who Need it the Most. Co-presented with the Office of New Schools of the Minneapolis School District, this event brought 50 students, teachers, district officials, community activists, philanthropists , and others together across race, class and culture to brainstorm new ways of approaching education and improving our schools.

2/9/10 The Changing Landscape of the Rental Market in Central Minnesota. Co-convened with the Housing Focus Area Committee of Create CommUNITY, the event brought together 40 Central Minnesota property owners, housing officials, community leaders and other concerned residents to build relationships and learn how changing demographics are altering the landscape of the housing market.

St. Cloud, Mn.

2/4/10 Let's Talk About Sex(ual Health), Baby
(continuation of the Young Women's Initiative)

Co-Presented with the Minnesota Department of Health STD/HIV Section
Forty teens, public health professionals, concerned parents, and other community members came together to brainstorm new approaches to reducing the epidemic of STD/STIs among young women of color.

Thursday, February 4

12/8/09  Census Consensus - Regional Conversation on Ensuring Full Participation in the 2010 Census. As preparations for the Federal Census in March intensify, Marnita's Table helped St. Cloud, Benton County and other central Minnesota planning officials reach out to leaders of major communities of color in Central Minnesota. Some 45 community leaders came together in St. Cloud to discuss ways of mobilizing participation in the Census, which will determine federal funding and Congressional representation in the next 10 years.

St. Cloud

10/24/09 Sex, Drugs and RealityTV: Lets Start the Conversation about the Impact of Pop Culture on Our Lives. More than 300 people came together across race, class, culture and age at Marnita's Table's first annual fund-raiser, held at St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church in Uptown Minneapolis.

9/20/09 Back to School Kick-Back. The Marnita's Table Youth Advisory Board hosted what is to become an annual chance for young people to celebrate the beginning of a new school year. More than 50 attendees shared their goals for the year and launched MTI's new Collective Change movement.

7/27/09: House Party 09: More than 60 friends and supporters of the Table came together at the Lake of the Isles home of board member Nathalie Joly and her husband Hubert. The event was co-hosted by Phyllis Thomson & Clarke Porter and Pam Diamond & Mike Brenner. Attendees learned about upcoming plans for Marnita's Table, particularly the Oct. 24, 2009 first annual fund-raiser, Sex, Drugs, and Reality TV: Let's Start the Conversation about the Impact of Pop Culture on Our Lives.

6/19/09: I Have a Dream Graduation Party. A highly cross-cultural group of High School students and graduates came together to share their dreams for the future with caring adults in our community.

5/21/09: What's the Difference: Dialogue on Diversity II. What's the difference between diversity and inclusion?

5/14/09: Let's Talk Sex(ual Health), Baby II (continuation of Young Women's Initiative)

4/26/09: Living Large Online featured a robust dialogue about how differences of culture, class and generation influence how we use technology.

4/23/09: What's the Difference: Dialogue on Diversity. What's the difference between diversity and inclusion?

4/22/09: EarthSeder. An interfaith dialogue on the environment that explored how different cultures and faiths viewed our common obligation to repair the world (tikkun olam in the Jewish conception).

4/16/09: Money, Money, Money. How we use money and it uses us. A cross-cultural and inter-generational group assessed the intersections between money and culture.

3/29/09: Let's Talk Sex(ual Health), Baby I (continuation of the Young Women's Initiative).

3/25/09: Wealth Creation in an Economic Meltdown

Marnita's Table on the Road -- St. Cloud CommUNITY Tables

11/1/09 Healthcare CommUNITY Table

9/27/09 Learn This! A Conversation to Inspire Educational Attainment

8/7/09  Omeka Comes to the Mother Table: African and African-American women continue the dialogue.

6/28/09: Access: The Meaning of Home

3/22/09: Immigration: Our Personal Stories

Back at the Mother Table

1/21/08: Welcome Dinner & Dialogue for senior HIV/AIDS delegation from Oromia Region of Ethiopia, convened with the National Association of State & Territorial AIDS Directors and the Minnesota Department of Health.

12/13/07: HIV/AIDS Dialogue -- Convened with Community Action of Minneapolis

10/4/07: Lowering Barriers to Immigrant Students' Access to Higher Education -- Convened with the Citizens League