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Marnita's Table helps the entire community improve their public and private investments of money, time and talents. We catalyze critical relationships, encouraging the individuals and the organizations that serve them to get out of their isolated silos and connect authentically across race, class and culture around a host of public policy issues.
Reducing STDs/HIV/AIDS in 13-19 year olds.  Improving educational outcomes for youth in poverty. Building authentic relationships between the police and the communities they serve. Increasing healthcare access in a way that works. Unleashing economic opportunities for all. Building relationships between refugee and host communities. These are just a few examples of the work that we do in the world.

Results that Matter.........

It turns out that when you get people to the Table for great food and conversation it breaks down barriers and allows for exchange around the things on which we can agree. It isn’t just talk - positive action always follows. We've helped:

  • Increase collaboration between agencies resulting in improved outcomes & reduced costs
  • Grantors, grantees and the communities they serve build more effective programs
  • Inspire youths to improve their grades and go on to college
  • Build authentic relationships between the police and the communities they serve
  • Improve health outcomes while increasing economic opportunity and cross-cultural competency between health care professionals and the communities they serve
  • Employers find & retain employees; and more efficiencies than we can recount

Your seat at the Table

What issues are you confronting? What conversations do you need to have with your employees, with your clients? Your family, friends or neighbors?  How can we help you maximize peer-to-peer exchange?  How can we help you get out of your silo and connect with others you probably need to be talking to or working with? We’ve probably built a conversation that will help you and the organizations in which you serve break down barriers and begin proactively to identify solutions that will work.

How can we help you start the conversation?